Modern Straw Bale Cabin
Sited on 40 acres of rural landscape in central Missouri, this unique 1,500 square foot, two-bedroom, two-bathroom straw bale home serves as a weekend retreat for a couple from Kansas City. Constructed from straw bales, the simple form and agrarian materials were chosen to blend in with the surrounding farmland. On the exterior, the straw bale walls are covered in a lime based portland stucco and appear to float above the landscape. Striking horizontal lines and large overhanging roof planes give the house a modern aesthetic while the green corrugated metal roof and galvanized corrugated metal accents tie the building to its agrarian surroundings. A small front porch, a cozy screened porch and an open deck provide many opportunities to spend time outdoors as well. On the interior, vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan allow the house to feel spacious despite its small footprint. Douglas fir rafters are left exposed with a stained finish, giving the interior spaces a warm and inviting feel. Walnut doors and cabinetry add a touch of refinement to the modern and rustic interior. Large south-facing windows provide plenty of daylight throughout the year and offer dramatic views of the tree lined creek to the south. In the winter, the windows let in abundant sunshine to help heat the house through passive solar gain. Although much of the house is elevated above the surrounding landscape, a small basement provides ample space for a storm shelter, a wine cellar and a family room.