Fairway Ranch Renovation

front porch detail


Situated on a large, treed lot, this design expands and updates a 1960ís ranch style house while respecting the scale and character of the existing neighborhood.† The character of the house was dramatically transformed with the addition of timber framing and stone at the front porch and chimney and extended roof eaves and brackets on the remainder of the house.† On the east end, a new master suite was carefully added to preserve an existing magnolia tree just outside a bay window, which frames the view of the tree from inside the bathroom. On the interior, the kitchen and living room spaces were completely overhauled and dramatically improved with the vaulting of the ceilings and the addition of timber framing.† The existing brick fireplace was updated with new stone and provides a central focal point for the new living room as well as the new kitchen.† The newly remodeled kitchen features custom birch cabinets, stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.† In the new master suite, timber collar ties help to unify the new space with the renovation of the existing house. ††